Old Spice Media Presence

Old Spice was a company that didn’t try too hard on getting into the world of the web. Before then, the company itself had no intentions of making good entertainment of advertising their products over the internet. But when they invested in making a strange 30-second commercial, the style of being that quirky company has now gotten Old Spice to be such a company.

Old Spice has come long way in producing commercials that are like no other. With their peculiar advertising, they managed to get some good attention and publicity over their videos on YouTube. Take for an example here:

The man in the video, Isaiah Mustafa, has created a new image for the company. So much so that they wished to continue on with it. Not only is it on their YouTube channel—where they still retain that style of weirdness to this day—it is all over their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even on Instagram.

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On Twitter, they talk with their customers whether it be humorous reasons or for serious talks about their products. They use Twitter to advertise more things to their customers as if they’re referring to a product as a friend, rather than someone else.

Other times, when their customers do something outlandish or out of the ordinary to show their appreciation for the brand, Old Spice will compensate for their efforts. It’s usually a fair supply of their own products. One man went so far as insulting AXE, the competitor for male grooming products:

There was even a video that remixed Terry Crews< another spokesman for the brand, from his Old Spice commercial with the one of the most popular Nintendo games, Super Mario 64.

This garnered so much attention that even Terry Crews himself shared the video on his own Facebook profile. Needless to say, his fans were happy that he watched it.

I would also like to note that the person who created the video, Mowtendoo, received a package from Old Spice with many different kinds of body wash, soap, and deodorant.

There are good reasons as to why people are into Old Spice this much. The advertising and marketing just works. So much so, that this man made a blog post about how market yourself on social media with the methods from Old Spice.


You can check the blog post here: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2011/08/30/11-social-media-marketing-lessons-from-the-old-spice-campaign/

Another blog comments on how effective their viral strategies are. Another blog on the web has complimented on how one time Old Spice replied to tweets on Twitter. They would send personal video replies to their customers featuring Isaiah Mustafa speaking to them.

The blogger compiled all the replies together into one collection on his blog post here: